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I have relied on the Marketing Scales Handbooks over several years in academic and industry roles and look forward to using the newest edition. A seven on a seven-point satisfaction scale!
Tom Prinsen, Ph.D.
Global Manager Market Intelligence, Biomet Orthope


The aim of this website is to assist those researchers who want to use precise measures to study the thoughts and feelings of a group of people.  The primary feature of the site is the scales database, the world's largest source of consumer insight measures.  But, these are not just any measures; they are the best measures available since they come from research that has been vetted and then published in the top scholarly journals associated with the academic discipline of marketing science.  Because the results of studies using these measures have been published, it is possible to judge the quality of the scales and report it in the reviews provided in the books and the database.  Our hope is that researchers will find it easier than in the past to build on the work of scholars and adopt their reliable measures rather than spending time themselves developing scales from scratch or, worse, using simpllstic survey questions of dubious quality.

There are over 3,000 scales in the Marketing Scales database at this time.  These measures are the type in which a score is calculated from responses to multiple items (e.g., survey questions).  This type of scale is much more precise than a 1-item measure when studying psychological constructs such as attitudes, motives, intentions, emotions, values, lifestyles, shopping orientations, and personality traits. The extra precision of these scales increases the accuracy of measurement and, thereby, should improve the quality of decisions based upon their results. 

Although the primary focus of the studies that are reviewed here is the “consumer,” that should be interpreted very broadly.  Hundreds of scales in the database are amenable for use when studying segments of people such as viewers, patients, students, clients, voters, and group members. Further, many of these measures are useful when studying people in organizational contexts such as managers, sales people, staff, as well as other employees and professionals

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* These are among the newest reviews in the database and are not in a book yet. During the week when they are featured here, they are on sale for $5.