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The Marketing Scales website is a gold mine of information.  It is the only source that helps me understand the psychometric quality of the instruments used in past research.  I recommend that researchers bookmark this site . . . they will be back!
Bob Moritz
Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation


The importance of issues other than interest rates in a person's decision to get a debt consolidation loan is measured in the scale with four, five-point Likert-like items.

Three, five-point Likert-type items are used to measure the degree to which a person expresses the desire and expectation to continue being a customer of a bank for the next few years. The scale was called behavioral intentions by Van Birgelen, de Jong, and Ruyter (2006)

Three statements are used in this scale to measure how secure a person feels about engaging in various financial transactions online. The scale was called security risk perceptions by Montoya-Weiss, Voss, and Grewal (2003).

Three, five-point Likert-type statements are used to measure the extent to which a customer intends to proactively engage in certain activities with regard to a service provider such as spreading positive word-of-mouth about it and using more of its services.

This scale uses three, five-point Likert-type statements to measure the extent to which a customer intends to remain a customer of a specific service provider for the foreseeable future despite typical market actions that it or its competitors might take, e.g., change in prices charged.

Six, five-point Likert-type statements are used to measure the time and effort expended by a consumer in selecting a bank in which to open an account.

The scale is composed of seven, five-point items that measure the likelihood that a person will use the web to access a wide range of services that involve some mix of financial services (banking), communication (e-mail), or in-depth information (encyclopedias).