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The Marketing Scales website is a gold mine of information.  It is the only source that helps me understand the psychometric quality of the instruments used in past research.  I recommend that researchers bookmark this site . . . they will be back!
Bob Moritz
Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation


With ten, seven-point items, the scale measures a person’s confidence that he/she can successfully find solutions to most problems that are encountered.

The adequacy of help and emotional support one receives from others is measured in this seven-point Likert-type scale.

A person's motivation to talk to other people about a negative experience in an effort to improve the way he/she feels is measured using four, seven-point Likert-type items.

This scale has three statements that are used to measure the extent to which a consumer takes responsibility for changing something about his/her search activity in the future in order to improve the likelihood of successfully finding a certain product. The scale was called active coping by Reynolds, Folse, and Jones (2006).

Seven statements are used to measure the degree that a person indicates experiencing negative physiological and emotional symptoms, most likely as a reaction to stress.

Twelve Likert-type statements are used to assess the extent to which a person expresses emotional instability with symptoms such as wide mood swings, irritability, and nervousness. Burroughs (Burroughs 2005; Burroughs and Rindfleisch 2002) used a yes/no response format.

Five items with a seven-point response format are used to measure a person's intention to deal with a stressful situation by making a deliberate effort to think before taking action and not to respond emotionally.

The scale has three, seven-point items that are intended to measure a person's motivation to deal with a stressful situation by seeking advice from others about the kind of action that should be taken.

A person's motivation to seek comfort after a stressful situation by interacting with others who are trusted and respected is measured in this scale with four, seven-point items.

The scale has four, seven-point items that are intended to measure a person's motivation to react to a stressful situation by mentally restructuring the event in order for it to be more tolerable.