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I really appreciate your marketing scales database online. It is an important resource for both our students and our researchers as well. Since my copies of the original books are slowly disintegrating due to the intensive use, I am happy that you are making them available in this way. It is very helpful in the search for viable constructs on which to do sound scientific research.
Dr. Ingmar Leijen
Vrije Universiteit University, Amsterdam


The importance a person places on artistry and creativity in judging the quality of an advertisement is measured in this scale using four, five-point uni-polar items.

With four, seven-point Likert-type items, this scale measures a person's belief that a company is capable of creating original and interesting new products.

Three items are used to measure the extent to which a person believes his/her identity has been put into something he/she is creating or helping to produce.

The scale measures a person's enjoyment of crafting as well as how much he/she is involved with it.  The scale is composed of thirteen, seven-point Likert-type items.

The five, seven-point semantic differentials that make up this scale are used to measure the extent to which a person is open to new ideas and experiences.

A person's self-expressed level of skill and creativity in designing some specified object is measured in this scale using four, nine-point Likert-type items.

Using three, seven-point semantic-differentials, the scale measures the degree to which something is considered to be interesting and creative.

The extent to which a person views him/herself as being creative and believes that others think that as well is measured in this scale with three, five-point items.

A person's ability to imagine how new product concepts could be developed in order to be more useful and relevant to consumers is measured in this scale with eight, seven-point Likert-type items.

A person's interest in as well as generation and promotion of new and different ways to satisfy needs within some domain (e.g., product category) is measured in this scale with five, seven-point Likert-type items.