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The Handbook series is a significant compendium of scales published in the most impacting marketing literature. I am a proud owner of the series and hope to be able to continue collecting the volumes in the years to come.
Dr. Emanuel Said
Lecturer in Marketing, University of Malta


Four, seven-point phrases are used to measure the extent to which a person believes the quality of key account-related personnel are important when choosing an advertising agency. As written, the scale does not measure a person's attitude toward a specific agency but rather the role this criterion should play in general when making a selection among agencies.

Seven, seven-point Likert-type items are used to measure the extent to which a customer expresses an active involvement in the running of a store, with emphasis on verbal suggestions and feedback about improving service. This is distinct from the use of the term participation as used in some service literature, where it means active involvement in the production of the service.