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The Handbook series is a significant compendium of scales published in the most impacting marketing literature. I am a proud owner of the series and hope to be able to continue collecting the volumes in the years to come.
Dr. Emanuel Said
Lecturer in Marketing, University of Malta


Four, six-point descriptors are used to measure a person's pleasure-related emotional reaction to a stimulus.

This is a five-item, seven-point Likert-type scale used to indicate the degree to which a person is oriented toward having money and spending it. Brand and Greenberg (1994) referred to the measure as consumer-oriented attitude, and it appears to be particularly suited for student respondents.

Three, four-point items are intended to capture the level of passion or romance that a person feels during a consumption experience.

The level of warm-hearted affection a person feels during a consumption experience is measured using three, four-point items.

Six, seven-point unipolar items are used to measure a person's emotional reaction to some stimulus with an emphasis on "positive" feelings.

Three, uni-polar items are used to measure the degree to which a person has experienced positive feelings as a result of being exposed to some stimulus.

This three-item, five-point Likert-type scale measures a person's general level of satisfaction with his/ her life.