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The Marketing Scales Handbook is indispensable in identifying how constructs have been measured and the support for a measure's validity and reliability. I have used it since the beginning as a resource in my doctoral seminar and as an aid to my own research. An electronic version will make it even more accessible to researchers in Marketing and affiliated fields.
Dr. Terry Childers
Iowa State University


The degree to which a customer considers his/her insurance premiums to be fair and reasonable given the service received is measured in this scale with three, seven-point Likert-type items.

Five, six-point Likert-like items are used to measure the degree to which a person expresses satisfaction with several aspects of his/her insurance.

The scale uses three, seven-point items to measure a consumer's expectation that a certain insurance-related product has particular benefits.

Four, seven-point Likert-type statements are used to measure the degree to which respondents are pleased with their respective health plans and are confident that they will adequately provide for their needs in the future.

The scale is composed of seven, seven-point Likert-type statements attempting to assess a customer's general level of satisfaction with several aspects of a particular sales event such as the terms of the agreement and the sales person involved. As written, the scale is most suited for a life insurance sale.

This is a two-item, five-point Likert-type scale measuring the number of times in the previous two years a customer recalls being exposed to mass media advertisements by his/her a particular company.

This is a six-item, five-point scale measuring the number of times in the previous two years a customer recalls the mass media providing information that led to questioning the value of his/her insurance policy. The implication of this measure is that the information originates from sources other than the policy owner's insurance company.