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Measuring is complex and critical for research in marketing, advertising, and consumer psychology. These books are excellent tools for researchers and professionals of those areas that need to find reliable and valid scales for their research. They have helped me save time and consider new constructs in my academic research.
Juan Fernando Tavera
University of Antioquia, COLOMBIA


A person’s plan to engage in behaviors that support of a recycling program are measured with seven, seven-point items.

Six, seven-point items are used to measure a person’s expressed likelihood of engaging in behaviors with the purpose of using less water.  

A person’s expressed likelihood of supporting a nonprofit organization or cause in various ways is measured with three, seven-point items.

A consumer’s interest in a brand that results from exposure to an ad is measured with five, seven-point items.  The interest referred to in the items ranges from learning more about the product to planning to buy it.

The scale is composed of three, seven-point items that measure how willing a person would be to purchase a particular advertised brand if it was available in his/her local area at the listed price.

A consumer’s expressed likelihood of buying four different categories of organic foods is measured with four, seven-point items.

The scale is composed of three, seven-point items that are used to measure a person's intention to not only say nice things about a company to friends, family, and others but also to recommend they purchase its products.

A consumer's plan to shop at a particular retail establishment again in the future and to recommend it to others is measured with three, seven-point Likert-type items.

Using three, seven-point semantic differentials, the scale measures a person's expressed likelihood of donating to a particular cause.

A consumer's expressed likelihood of going online to download a coupon for a product is measured in this scale with five, nine-point items.