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I have relied on the Marketing Scales Handbooks over several years in academic and industry roles and look forward to using the newest edition. A seven on a seven-point satisfaction scale!
Tom Prinsen, Ph.D.
Global Manager Market Intelligence, Biomet Orthope


With three, seven-point unipolar items, this scale measures how challenging a task or process is considered to be.

A person's opinion regarding the mixture of Spanish and English in conversation is measured in this scale using nine, seven-point Likert-type items.

Three, seven-point items are used in the scale to measure a person's proficiency with the use of a language, most likely a language other than the one the person is most familiar with.

The scale is composed of eight descriptors and a five-point Likert-type response scale to measure a person's opinion about the use of English in a commercial. The scale makes most sense when used in a non-English speaking country where ads are being run or considered which will use English. It is also likely that the scale itself will not be administered in English but will be translated to the appropriate language.

As used by Gerritsen et al. (2000), the measure was used in Holland with respect to a specific commercial after Dutch subjects had been exposed to it. However, it appears to be amenable for use with ads in general.

This five-point, twelve-item scale is meant to assess how well a person can use a certain language in various situations.

Four, five-point Likert-type statements measure the strength of a person's desire to be associated with a particular subculture. The subculture studied by Donthu and Cherian (1994) was Hispanics in the United States.

A five-item scale is used to measure the degree to which Spanish is the predominant language used by a person.

The degree to which a person has a positive opinion of English as a language is measured with a three-item, four-point scale.

The scale is composed of three items that are intended to measure the degree to which a person has a positive opinion of Spanish as a language.