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I really appreciate your marketing scales database online. It is an important resource for both our students and our researchers as well. Since my copies of the original books are slowly disintegrating due to the intensive use, I am happy that you are making them available in this way. It is very helpful in the search for viable constructs on which to do sound scientific research.
Dr. Ingmar Leijen
Vrije Universiteit University, Amsterdam


The three, seven-point Likert-type items composing the scale are intended to measure an aspect of one's relationship with a brand that is akin to love.

This scale has three, five-point unipolar items that are used to measure the degree to which a person describes a brand as having humanitarian-type qualities.

The value placed by a person on the welfare of those people with whom one is in frequent personal contact is measured using nine, nine-point statements.

The scale is composed of three, seven-point Likert-type statements measuring the extent to which a viewer agrees that there is a romantic attraction between two people in an advertisement. To clarify, the scale does not measure whether the viewer feels romantic while watching the ad nor whether the ad as a whole is romantic but just that it appears the two people in the ad are behaving romantically.

The scale is composed of multiple five-point Likert-type items measuring the degree to which a parent describes the interaction with his/her children as being warm, affectionate, and encouraging.

Three, seven-point unipolar items are used to measure a person's emotional reaction to some stimulus that focuses on those feelings related to strong concern for an individual or situation. It is not intended to measure empathy per se.