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I really appreciate your marketing scales database online. It is an important resource for both our students and our researchers as well. Since my copies of the original books are slowly disintegrating due to the intensive use, I am happy that you are making them available in this way. It is very helpful in the search for viable constructs on which to do sound scientific research.
Dr. Ingmar Leijen
Vrije Universiteit University, Amsterdam


Three, five-point Likert-type statements are used to measure a person's belief that government agencies in the U.S. have clear policies regarding the production of biotech crops. Sinclair and Irani (2005) referred to the scale as rule-based trust.

The scale is composed of three, seven-point Likert-type statements that measure a person's attitude toward a commercial communication (e.g., ad, infomercial) he/she has been exposed to.  The emphasis is on how professionally the stimulus was produced, i.e., the form of the message rather than its information content.

The scale is used to assess a person's attitude about the quality of manufactured products. Given the nature of the items, the scale would be most appropriate for goods that are the result of factory production rather than services or agricultural products.

The nine-item, seven-point Likert-type scale attempts to assess a person's beliefs about the ability of companies (in general) to produce and deliver quality goods and services while also being socially responsible.