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The Handbook series is a significant compendium of scales published in the most impacting marketing literature. I am a proud owner of the series and hope to be able to continue collecting the volumes in the years to come.
Dr. Emanuel Said
Lecturer in Marketing, University of Malta


The items composing this scale are used to assess a customer’s evaluation of his/her transactions with a specified business in terms of its perceived value (money, time, and effort).

With six items, this scale measures a person's belief that foreign customer service agents do not provide as good service as domestic workers do because the foreign workers do not understand domestic customers or the culture.

The degree to which a customer expresses involvement in sharing information and cooperating with employees to improve the service process is measured with five, five-point Likert-type items.

Three, five-point Likert-type items are used in this scale to measure the degree to which a customer believes his/her involvement in the service process produced a better relationship with the service provider.

The scale measures the degree to which a customer believes he/she receives better quality service due to his/her involvement in the service process.  Five, five-point Likert-type items compose the scale.

Three, seven-point Likert-type statements are used to measure how easily a consumer believes it is to contact a particular service provider and/or go to its place of business.

A person's attitude regarding the ease with which a service can be used is measured in this scale with three, seven-point Likert-type statements.

The degree to which thinking about the use of a particular service makes a person feel uncomfortable is measured with four, seven-point Likert-type items.  To be clear, it is not usage of the service itself that causes the anxiety but rather thinking about using it that causes the problem.

The degree to which a person believes it is likely that a service would not be delivered or provided as expected is measure in this scale with three, seven-point Likert-type statements.

A customer's level of anger with a business and/or its employees is measured in this scale with three, six-point items.