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I have relied on the Marketing Scales Handbooks over several years in academic and industry roles and look forward to using the newest edition. A seven on a seven-point satisfaction scale!
Tom Prinsen, Ph.D.
Global Manager Market Intelligence, Biomet Orthope


 Want to know what is going on at Marketing Scales?  Read below about the newest books that have been published and other news of interest. 

New Scales Added to the Database

If you are very familiar with this site and the work that goes on with it, you probably realize that new scales are being reviewed constantly.  A few are featured on the front page of this site when they are added to the database, but many others are never featured there. Here are the ones I have reviewed in recent weeks that are unlikely to be featured yet might be relevant to your research:

  • Belongingness (State)
  • Competitiveness (Interpersonal)
  • Eeriness of the Object
  • Identity Threat
  • Prosocial Behavior (Interpersonal)
  • Tie Strength
  • Travel Intention

These scales now join about 175 others already in the database that are destined for publication as part of Volume 11 of the series but are available now via a la carte purchase or by using the Day Pass

Measuring Romance

Do love and romance affect marketing? Yes, according to new research in consumer behavior, they can! Not only can exposure to romantic stimuli affect consumers’ consumption of certain products, but insights regarding types of romantic love can affect managers’ decisions about market segmentation, targeting, and product positioning.  One of the primary tools used by consumer scientists in the study of these relationships is the multi-item scale created using skills from the science of psychometrics.  If you aren't very familiar with that, think of it as techniques for creating and using multi-item scales in surveys and experiments intended to measure thoughts, feelings, traits, etc. more precisely than the typical one-question approach that is typically used in so many questionnaires.  Some new multi-item scales used in the study of romance are featured now at and their names are Desirability of the Person, Love for a Partner, Romantic Attachment Style (Anxiety), and Romantic Status.  Reviews of these measures, including a description of their quality and who has used them, are now part of the scales database here and will be featured on the front page for the next few weeks. 

The Scales Database Keeps Growing!

There are now 4,300 scale reviews available here!  Although it will be a while before the next volume of the book series is published, new scales will be regularly added to the database.  At this point, the newest scales that have been added come from articles published in 2019.  The point is that if you have not found something appropriate for your research needs in past searches of the database, please search again as more scales are added.