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This website has truly been a welcome gift! The Day Pass is extremely affordable & the site is so user friendly to navigate. It provides a wealth of information including, the source, validity, & references for my doctorate research project. I highly recommend this to anyone as it is truly an invaluable research tool!
Suzanne Cromlish, PhD
Saint Xavier University, Chicago


 Want to know what is going on at Marketing Scales?  Read below about the newest books that have been published and other news of interest. 

Measuring Consumers’ Price-Related Attitudes

In the past, I have pointed out that, while Price is one of the four Ps (the critical components of marketing), it is taught the least in business schools.  Also, it is my observation that it is studied less with multi-item scales than the topics related to the other 4 Ps.  We could discuss why that is true but, instead, I will focus here on the fact that price is still studied by scholars with multi-item scales because what consumers think about prices makes a difference in what they do.  As evidence of that, there are around 150 vetted measures in the Marketing Scales database having something to do with price-related attitudes, emotions, and intentions.  To illustrate the multi-item scales that have been used in scholarly consumer research, four newer measures are being featured now.  The scales address the following questions:

  • Do consumers think a brand's price is reasonable and a good value?
  • Do consumers believe a brand's price is acceptable and right?
  • How much do consumers indicate they will buy a particular product at its current price?
  • To what degree do ordinary people who sell an item to another person believe the selling price brought them a sense of closure?

Reviews and descriptions of these four scales are included in the newest publication of the Marketing Scales Handbook series (Volume 10).  Additionally, these new  measures join the thousands of other scales in the database here at this site.  To have easy access to all scales in the database, use a Day Pass

Volume 10 Has Arrived!!!

It has been 30 years since work began on the first volume of the Marketing Scales Handbook series.  At that time, we did not know if the book would be accepted for publication, much less that it would become a series with many more volumes released over several decades.  Yet, here we are now; Volume 10 of the series is available!!!  As you can read in the book section of the site, this new volume contains reviews of 402 scales from articles published after the time period covered in the previous volume. 

Scales Database Reaches Another Milestone!

A major milestone was achieved at this website recently.  First, here is a bit of background.  The first reviews were written in 1990 and about two years later, the first volume of the series was published.  It wasn't until 2011, however, that the reviews up to Volume 4 were put online (about 1,300 of them).  Since then, another 2800 have been added.  There are over 4,100 in the database!  The bottom line is that is by far, the largest online source of multi-item scales that have been used in studies by the world's top scholars of consumer behavior.  You can benefit from their work and improve the precision of your research by using the same scales as the pros.