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The Handbook series is a significant compendium of scales published in the most impacting marketing literature. I am a proud owner of the series and hope to be able to continue collecting the volumes in the years to come.
Dr. Emanuel Said
Lecturer in Marketing, University of Malta


 Want to know what is going on at Marketing Scales?  Read below about the newest books that have been published and other news of interest. 

New Measures of Advertising-related Attitudes

Advanced survey measures (psychometrics) related in some way to advertising have been featured here at this site many times over the years. One of the main reasons they have been featured many times is that advertising has been studied a lot with scales over several decades.  Researchers have long wanted to know what people think and feel about ads as well as other issues related to advertising in some way. There are many scales that have been used over and over again by academic researchers, however, there are plenty of other measures that are new. Why are new ones created? It can happen when no older scale is available to measure the particular attitude, emotion, or other construct of interest. At other times, measures of a construct exist but the researchers believe they are inadequate in some way and decide to create new measures. Some new scales are being featured now. For some of them, no measure of the construct previously existed while for the other scales, the researchers decided a better measure was needed for use in their study. The formal names of these new measures as found in the database are Affective Response to the Ad (Fear), Attitude Toward Commercials (Negative), Attitude Toward the Ad (Greenwashing), and Narrative Transportation of the Ad. These new measures join 400+ other advertising-related scales as well as thousands of other measures in the Marketing Scales library.   

The Scales Database Reaches Another Milestone!

There are now over 4,200 scale reviews available in the database here at the site!  This growth is due to the work on new scales that began to be reviewed in the Spring following the publication of Volume 10.  Although it will be 2 years or more before the next volume is published, the new scales will be regularly added to the database.  At this point, the new reviews are focused on scales reported in articles published in 2018.  The point is that if you have not found something appropriate for your research needs in past searches of the database, please search again as more scales are added. 

Volume 10 Has Arrived!!!

It has been 30 years since work began on the first volume of the Marketing Scales Handbook series.  At that time, we did not know if the book would be accepted for publication, much less that it would become a series with many more volumes released over several decades.  Yet, here we are now; Volume 10 of the series is available!!!  As you can read in the book section of the site, this new volume contains reviews of 402 scales from articles published after the time period covered in the previous volume.