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The Marketing Scales Handbook is indispensable in identifying how constructs have been measured and the support for a measure's validity and reliability. I have used it since the beginning as a resource in my doctoral seminar and as an aid to my own research. An electronic version will make it even more accessible to researchers in Marketing and affiliated fields.
Dr. Terry Childers
Iowa State University


 Want to know what is going on at Marketing Scales?  Read below about the newest books that have been published and other news of interest. 

Work Has Begun on Volume 12

Even though Volume 11 of the Marketing Scales Handbook series was just released a few months ago, review work on scales that are expected to be in Volume 12 is well underway.  Over 80 new scales have been reviewed already.  At this time, only a few of them have been added to the database here, but more will be added every month. So, if you need a measure of something having to do with consumers and you haven’t been able to find it yet, keep checking the database.  It is constantly growing! [7/26/21]

New Measures of What People Think About Companies

Most companies in the free world care at least to some degree about what people think of them.  One of big topics studied by marketing scientists is the attitudes people have about a business, and a large part of those attitudes have to do with customer relationships.  To properly study these attitudes, scholars have used multi-item scales because they understand that using a single question in a survey to measure a latent construct such as an attitude tends to provide unreliable data which, in turn, leads to dubious conclusions.  New company-related topics are always coming up and new scales are developed to measure them.  As examples, four multi-item scales are featured now at  Their names are Corporate Social Responsibility (Company’s Commitment), Empowerment (Customer with Company), Identification with the Company, and Power of the Company.  Besides joining the thousands of other measures available in the database here that have been used by scholars in their studies of consumer behavior, these four new scales are also included in the recently released Volume 11 of the Marketing Scales Handbook series.

Volume 11 is available!

Volume 11 of the Marketing Scales Handbook series has been published! The print version is only available at Amazon. If you want "free" access to the ebook, speak to a staff member at a library. Explain that the special library version is available from either EBSCO or ProQuest & the ISBN is 978-0-578-89993-0.