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I have relied on the Marketing Scales Handbooks over several years in academic and industry roles and look forward to using the newest edition. A seven on a seven-point satisfaction scale!
Tom Prinsen, Ph.D.
Global Manager Market Intelligence, Biomet Orthope


 Want to know what is going on at Marketing Scales?  Read below about the newest books that have been published and other news of interest. 

Measuring Consumer Restoration of Justice and Revenge Activity

In recent months in the U.S. and other places in the world, we have seen people demonstrating for justice.  Some cities have also experienced behavior that appears to be more related to revenge if not some sort of malicious joy against the establishment.  While these attitudes and behaviors make headlines, it is less widely known that something similar, though on a smaller scale, has been occurring in consumer behavior for several years.  For example, consumer scientists have documented and examined issues such as the amount of damage some people want to inflict on a company, how some people derive pleasure from the negative actions they take against a company, how some believe that their actions against businesses help restore justice, and how some people end up regretting the actions they have taken against companies.  Critical to the study these attitudes and behaviors, scholars used multi-item scales because they provided the precision needed for sophisticated analyses.  These scales will be featured here for the next few weeks. 

The Scales Database Keeps Growing!

There are now 4,300 scale reviews available here!  Although it will be a while before the next volume of the book series is published, new scales will be regularly added to the database.  At this point, the newest scales that have been added come from articles published in 2019.  The point is that if you have not found something appropriate for your research needs in past searches of the database, please search again as more scales are added. 

Marketing Scales Pet-Peeve #33

When scholars say they used a multi-item scale in their study, do they always describe the measure by providing its items, stating what construct the scale is supposed to measure, and defining the construct? Unfortunately, not.  See Scale-Related Pet-Peeve #33 at