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This scales book is a classic in psychometrics. It is instrumental for survey researchers in the fields of advertising, marketing, consumer psychology, and other related fields that rely largely on attitudinal measures. My copy has gotten me through years of field research by helping provide testable, reliable scales.
Angeline Close Scheinbaum, Ph.D.
University of Texas at Austin


 Want to know what is going on at Marketing Scales?  Read below about the newest books that have been published and other news of interest. 

New Measures of “Can-Do” Attitudes

It's the beginning of new year and a time for people to become "new" as well if they desire.  Millions of people around the world have made resolutions to do something different and/or to accomplish more than in the past.  They think that change is possible and that they can reach their goals if they put their minds to it.  They have "can do" attitudes!  That is the theme of the new scales featured here now.  All of the scales have been used in recent years by scholars in their studies of the roles played by these attitudes in consumer behavior.  The names of these new measures in the database are Empowerment (Interpersonal), Perseverance of Effort, Resilience, and Self-Efficacy (Life).  These new measures now join 4,200+ other measures in the database that have been used by scholars in studies of consumer behavior.     

Marketing Scales Pet-Peeve #33

When scholars say they used a multi-item scale in their study, do they always describe the measure by providing its items, stating what construct the scale is supposed to measure, and defining the construct? Unfortunately, not.  See Scale-Related Pet-Peeve #33 at

The Scales Database Reaches Another Milestone!

There are now over 4,200 scale reviews available in the database here at the site!  This growth is due to the work on new scales that began to be reviewed in the Spring following the publication of Volume 10.  Although it will be 2 years or more before the next volume is published, the new scales will be regularly added to the database.  At this point, the new reviews are focused on scales reported in articles published in 2018.  The point is that if you have not found something appropriate for your research needs in past searches of the database, please search again as more scales are added.