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Measuring is complex and critical for research in marketing, advertising, and consumer psychology. These books are excellent tools for researchers and professionals of those areas that need to find reliable and valid scales for their research. They have helped me save time and consider new constructs in my academic research.
Juan Fernando Tavera
University of Antioquia, COLOMBIA


 Want to know what is going on at Marketing Scales?  Read below about the newest books that have been published and other news of interest. 

New Measures of Ad-Related Attitudes

In good advertising research, evaluating an ad isn't as easy as merely asking people if they like it.  That is because the advertiser should care about WHY people have a particular attitude.  It is especially important to figure out the WHY when attitudes are not very good because it means the ad should be changed in some way and it helps to know WHAT aspects should be changed.  Even when attitudes are very positive, it is good to learn what tends to work, under what conditions, and with what type of people.  The new scales being featured here now with these “micro” issues rather than just the macro-level attitude "I like it." The scales help address the following questions: how well does an ad tell a story; how difficult is it to counterargue an ad’s message; how persuasive is an ad; and, is the scenario presented in an ad realistic?  Brief descriptions of these new measures are provided on the front page.  Full reviews, including the items and other important information, have now been added to the Marketing Scales database.

Scales Database Reaches Another Milestone!

A major milestone was achieved at this website today.  First, here is a bit of background.  The first reviews were written in 1990 and about two years later, the first volume of the series was published.  It wasn't until 2011, however, that the reviews up to Volume 4 were put online (about 1,300 of them).  Since then, another 2700 have been added.  Yes, as of today, there are over 4,000 in the database!  The bottom line is that is by far, the largest online source of multi-item scales that have been used in studies by the world's top scholars of consumer behavior.  Build on the work of the experts!

New Book Released!

Volume 9 of the Marketing Scales Handbook series has been published!  If you are familiar with any of the past volumes, this book is generally similar in scope but the material is completely new.  None of the scales in Volume 9 were reviewed in the previous books.  Volume 9 has reviews of 433 scales, more than any book since Volume 6.   In terms of coverage, there are scales related to typical topics such as brands, advertising, stores, purchasing, and pricing.  Additionally, there are new scales for some "smaller" topics that were less covered (if at all) in the previous books such as environmentalism, service dominant orientations, symbolic embeddedness, word-of-mouth activity, switching costs, product installations, place attachment, interactions with employees, and sports.  If you are interested, read more about Volume 9 and download the free sample.

For purchases by individuals, Volume 9 is only available as a paperback.  Initially, it will only be available from or (the printing company).