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This scales book is a classic in psychometrics. It is instrumental for survey researchers in the fields of advertising, marketing, consumer psychology, and other related fields that rely largely on attitudinal measures. My copy has gotten me through years of field research by helping provide testable, reliable scales.
Angeline Close Scheinbaum, Ph.D.
University of Texas at Austin


 Want to know what is going on at Marketing Scales?  Read below about the newest books that have been published and other news of interest. 

New Scales Added to the Database

Below are the scales that have been reviewed in the last two weeks and were added to the database today.  The names of these newly added scales are:

  • Arousal (Energetic)
  • Depletion of Mental Energy
  • Dichotomous Thinking
  • Effort to Follow Professional's Advice
  • Emotionality (Anxiety)
  • Softness of the Object

About half of the scales expected to be in Volume 11 are already available in the database. If you want to focus your search on just those new scale reviews then add 2018 or 2019 to your search criteria.  (Those are the years from which the latest set of articles were published.)  For example, if you want to see any scales having to do with love that were in articles published in 2019, type this into the search boxlove 2019Happy Hunting!

Measuring Consumers' GOD-Related Beliefs

Over half of the people in the world are monotheistic according to the Pew Research Center.  No surprise there, I suppose.  The surprise, however, is how particular beliefs about GOD affect consumer persuasion processes and outcomes.  Yes, consumer scientists have studied it!  In the process, the tool they relied on to measure the beliefs has been multi-item scales, the ones for which the quality of the measurements can be assessed and quantified. The names of the most recent scales for measuring this topic that have been added to the Marketing Scales Database are GOD’s Help with Personal ProblemsGOD’s Intervention in One's Life, GOD’s Protection From Harm, and Self-Worth Due to GOD’s Love. These measures now join thousands of other scales in the database that have been used by scholars in their studies of what shapes consumers’ attitudes, emotions, intentions, values, and behaviors.

Newest Pet-Peeve Blog

For many years I have been speaking out about what concerns me as I review scales reported in top journals that publish consumer research.  I call these concerns of mine "pet-peeves" and they are posted the Office of Scale Research site.  The newest pet-peeve has to do with discriminant validity.  Despite its recognized importance, it is the exception rather than the rule for pertinent evidence of a scale's discriminant validity to be provided in empirical articles involving consumers. What is going on?