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As a researcher, it's important to use validated scales to ensure reliability and improve interpretation of research results. The Marketing Scales database provides an easy, unified source to find and reference scales, including information on reliability and validity.
Krista Holt
Senior Director, Research & Design, Vital Findings


Want to know what is going on at Marketing Scales?  Read below about the newest books that have been published and other news of interest.

New Measures of Authenticity in Consumer Research

The popularity of authenticity has exploded in the last decade.  The concept has taken on importance in a variety of contexts such business leadership, social media communication, personal relationships, and marketing.

What is authenticity?  Despite the popularity and importance of the concept, there is a lack of consensus among the general population as well as scholars about its meaning.  Common synonyms are original, genuine, true, and real.  Definitions get more complex and varied because context and application affect the meaning of the concept.  If defining it is difficult, measurement can be even more so.  To study empirically requires measures and scholars develop them as they attempt to move forward.  Certainly, that has been true in the study of consumer behavior.  Not only have scales been used to measure the authenticity of consumers but scales have been developed to study the concept with respect to brands and purchase behavior as well.  That is the type highlighted now.  The names of the scales currently featured are Authenticity of Purchase Decisions, Authenticity of the Review, Brand Authenticity, and Inauthenticity of Product Consumption. Full descriptions of these measures join 4,800+ other multi-item scales here at the site that have been used by scholars in their empirical studies of consumer behavior.  [9/11/22]

Status of Volume 12 & the Database

Volume 11 of the Marketing Scales Handbook series was released in 2021 and work began immediately on Volume 12.  As new scales have been chosen for the book, descriptions (reviews) have been written and progressively added to the database.  Here are the new scales that were added to the database in August.

  • Aesthetic Characteristic of the Food (Color)
  • Aesthetic Characteristic of the Food (Shape)
  • Aesthetic Characteristic of the Food (Texture)
  • Attitude Toward Consuming the Food
  • Attitude Toward the Product (Greenness)
  • Brand Familiarity
  • Decision Uncertainty
  • Energy Inference
  • Engagement in the Experience
  • Enjoyment of Looking at the Pictures
  • Ethnicity of the Person in the Ad
  • Exchange Inequity (Positive)
  • Knowledge of the Brand (Other Person)
  • Physical Waste Associations
  • Serendipity (Movie Trailer)
  • Serendipity (Painting)
  • Serendipity (Products)
  • Serendipity (Song)
  • Service Quality of the Employees
  • Underdog (Start-Up)

With these new scales, the total number that have been prepared for Volume 12 is 327, 218 of which are already in the database. The grand total of all scale reviews available here covering all of the volumes is 4795. If you have searched the database previously and not found a scale of interest, try again.  More are added almost every week!  [9/1/2022]

Prices for the Volumes Have Dropped!

It has been a year since Volume 11 of the series was released. If you want the book and haven't bought it yet, its price was changed recently at Amazon.  It is now $99 compared to its original price of $119.  Prices of the other volumes available here and at Amazon have been lowered as well.  [7/15/22]