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The Marketing Scales website is a gold mine of information.  It is the only source that helps me understand the psychometric quality of the instruments used in past research.  I recommend that researchers bookmark this site . . . they will be back!
Bob Moritz
Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation


 Want to know what is going on at Marketing Scales?  Read below about the newest books that have been published and other news of interest. 

New Measures for Studying Social Status

Although it may not be a topic that is politically correct to discuss in public, the truth is that social status exists and has effects on behavior.  Like it or not, people are not equal in their education, their occupation, their reference groups, their values, etc.  Those differences lead to variance in the amount of prestige and status among people.  Scholarly study of social status by marketing researchers has been done over the decades but it is not as common as I believe the topic deserves.  (Again, it might be that the topic is simply not considered "polite" to talk about.)  Having said that, there are some brave scholars who dare to go where others do not and have examined how social status affects consumer behavior.  I have reviewed dozens of multi-item scales that have been used in that research.  Some of the newer measures from recent studies are featured now at  The names of the measures in the database are Human Capital, Scarcity in the Job Market, Social Mobility, and Socioeconomic Status.  Brief descriptions of these new measures are provided on the front page.  Full reviews, including the items and other important information, have now been added to the Marketing Scales database here at the site.

Scales Library Reaches Another Milestone!

The library database here at now contains over 3,900 reviews of multi-item scales.  This is a unique database; nothing like this exists in academia or industry with respect to measures with known reliability for use in consumer behavior research.  The majority of the scales in the database have been reported in at least one of the nine published volumes of the Marketing Scales Handbook series but there are a growing number of new scales that are being added almost every week that have not been in any of the books.  (They are expected to be in Volume 10 when it is finished in early 2019.)  Further, even though Volumes 1 to 4 are no longer available, reviews of the scales that were used in consumer research are available in the database.  Finally, the reviews published in all previous volumes are updated if/when significant new information becomes available.

The bottom line is that, as useful as any one volume in the series can be, only the library contains all of the scales and has the most up-to-date information.

New Book Released!

Volume 9 of the Marketing Scales Handbook series has been published!  If you are familiar with any of the past volumes, this book is generally similar in scope but the material is completely new.  None of the scales in Volume 9 were reviewed in the previous books.  Volume 9 has reviews of 433 scales, more than any book since Volume 6.   In terms of coverage, there are scales related to typical topics such as brands, advertising, stores, purchasing, and pricing.  Additionally, there are new scales for some "smaller" topics that were less covered (if at all) in the previous books such as environmentalism, service dominant orientations, symbolic embeddedness, word-of-mouth activity, switching costs, product installations, place attachment, interactions with employees, and sports.  If you are interested, read more about Volume 9 and download the free sample.

For purchases by individuals, Volume 9 is only available as a paperback.  Initially, it will only be available from or (the printing company).