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The Marketing Scales website is a gold mine of information.  It is the only source that helps me understand the psychometric quality of the instruments used in past research.  I recommend that researchers bookmark this site . . . they will be back!
Bob Moritz
Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation

Measuring Brand Community Attitudes

We hear a lot about “community” when there is social unrest and members of the group express to the others and the media their concerns about something.  But, relationships with a large variety of other communities occur all the time, some large and some small, some well-known while others are little known outside the membership.  Among those that may be less familiar to the public at large are brand communities.  Because they exist, consumer scientists study them to better understand how they function.  In the process, multi-item scales are used to gather data because of their precision when measuring attitudes, emotions, values, and other psychological constructs that cannot be directly observed.  Some new scales of that type are featured here now and answer such questions as how much some members view others within the community to be socially superior, how connected a person is to a community, how similar a person feels to the members of a community, and how clear one’s role is in the community? These measures now join hundreds of other scales in the database that have been used by scholars in their research of social issues and their impact on consumer behavior.