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The Marketing Scales Handbook is indispensible in identifying how constructs have been measured and the support for a measure's validity and reliability. I have used it since the beginning as a resource in my doctoral seminar and as an aid to my own research. An electronic version will make it even more accessible to researchers in Marketing and affiliated fields.
Dr. Terry Childers
Iowa State University

Expected Picture Quality (Camera)

A three-item, seven-point summated ratings scale measuring the level of picture quality a consumer expects in a particular camera. Expectations are supposed to be distinct from desires because the latter relates to beliefs about ''ideal'' product performance that led to achievement of higher-level values whereas the former are beliefs about performance benefits that will occur with a specified focal brand but may be short of what is ''ideal'' (Spreng and Olshavsky 1993, p. 172). Thus, desires imply a higher standard than do expectations.