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Measuring is complex and critical for research in marketing, advertising, and consumer psychology. These books are excellent tools for researchers and professionals of those areas that need to find reliable and valid scales for their research. They have helped me save time and consider new constructs in my academic research.
Juan Fernando Tavera
University of Antioquia, COLOMBIA

Involvement with Two-For-One Deals

It is a six-item, seven-point Likert-type scale measuring a consumer's inclination to buy brands that have "two-for-one" offers despite the amount of money being saved. This measures a general interest in the deals rather than the likelihood that the behavior occurs for any particular product category. Lichtenstein, Netemeyer, and Burton (1995; Lichtenstein, Burton, and Netemeyer 1997) referred to the scale as buy one - get one free proneness while Burton et al. (1998) called theirs one-free proneness.